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10 best sex toys for beginners, including vibrators and dildos

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If you’re searching the Internet for the best sex toys for beginners, first things first – welcome to your journey of sexual exploration (we reckon you’re going to have a great time).

You can aimlessly scroll our edits of the best sex toys(opens in new tab), period, best dildos or best vibrators, or, if you’re new to the world of pleasure-based toys, you can opt for options specifically designed for beginners.

No matter what age you are or how sexually experienced you are, buying your first sex toy is no doubt going to bring you a lot of pleasure. While they’re often associated with singles who want an extra hand getting off, 41% of people use sex toys for both sex and masturbation, according to a 2020 survey from sexual wellness brand Ella Paradis. Yep, don’t keep those toys to yourself — partnered sex can benefit from bringing in extra stimulation, too.

Back to the question at hand – which toys are best for beginners? If you’re not used to vibrations or stimulations other than from the hands, mouths, penises, or vaginas of another human, then you might want to ease in with something gentle.

Don’t miss our guides to the best sex toys for couples(opens in new tab), sustainable sex toys(opens in new tab), and quiet sex toys(opens in new tab), while you’re here. Next day delivery important? We’ve rounded up the best sex toys on Amazon(opens in new tab), too.

For now – keep scrolling for picks for beginners, from our trusted board of pros, including:

What to consider when shopping for the best sex toys for beginners:

  • Price: While most of the fancy brands really are worth their price tag, you might opt for more affordable styles while you’re figuring out what you like and then invest in the sex toy that suits you.
  • Solo or partnered sex: Most toys can be used alone and with a partner, but some might be better suited to use during penetrative or partnered sex than others. You also have to take both parties preferences into account, so get shopping together.
  • Material: Opt for silicone, glass, steel or ceramics for the safest and easy-to-clean sex toys.
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10 best sex toys for beginners


We-Vibe Rave G-Spot Vibrator

Pros: Versatile use | Waterproof | App use

Beginners tip: Use with a twisting motion to press and rub the G-spot.

“I love how versatile this toy is, and how sleek and beautiful it looks. It’s great for external play, internal play, as a dildo or as a vibrator, for clitoris stimulation and extremely excellent G-spot stimulation. It’s a one-stop shop for orgasms and the perfect way to start exploring toys,” says Milton.

We-Vibe Sync

Pros: Great for couples | Dual stimulation

Beginner tip: The snug toy can be worn during vaginal sex so your partner can also feel the pleasure of vibrations.

“This is hands down my favourite toy for couple play — and it works solo too,” says Milton. “With simultaneous clitoral and G-spot stimulation, it delivers amazing vibration sensations in a small and friendly toy. It’s even controllable via an app — which makes it a great sex toy for those wanting to try toys due to long-distance relationships.”

So Divine Wicked Game Dual Motor Magic Wand

Pros: Massager | Quiet

Beginner tip: Ease into toy play by using this as an all over-massager during foreplay.

“A magic wand is a classic toy that delivers vibrations to the clitoris. But the reason I like this So Divine Wicked Game Dual Motor Magic Wand is because you can also use it internally to stimulate your G-spot. It’s silky smooth too, which is a great way to start experimenting with sex toy textures,” says Row

Je Joue Mimi Soft Vibrator

Pros: Clitoral stimulation | Waterproof

Beginners tip: Use the tip to provide pin-point stimulation to the clitoris and the flat pebble for stimulation of the whole genital area.

“A simple bullet vibe or something small is also a great way to start for beginners. They are less intimidating, straightforward to use, and very discreet. With ultra-low-frequency vibrations rather than ‘buzzy’ vibes, it’s less of an intense build-up and more of a powerful sensation that’s amazing for beginners and regular users,” adds Rowett.

Fin by Dame

Pros: Versatile use | Clitoral stimulation | Great for couples

Beginners tip: Change where you place Fin on your finger for pointed or wider vibrations.

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“Fin is a discreet and versatile finger vibrator that can be used anywhere for external stimulation before, during, or after sex. Easy to take on and take off, Fin is ergonomic and easy to use. The small size, finger design, and low-level vibe mean it’s a natural and subtle way to start playing with stimulation,” says Rybchin.

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