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11 Products to Help You Hydrate Healthier This Year

Hydrate Healthier
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If getting better at maintaining healthy hydration is one of your 2023 resolutions, but you’re already slipping, we have some products that can be a solution. There are people who love water and people who tolerate it. If you are a water lover, we’ve curated a list of bottles to help you sanitize, filter and heat water. However, if you don’t love the taste of H20, there are a handful of products that make it yummier while helping boost energy, digestion, mood and more. Since we have to drink water daily, we may as well make it fun and get as many benefits as we can while doing it.

1. LARQ Bottle PureVis ($99)

The LARQ Bottle PureVis is the height of technology when it comes to water bottles. It’s the world’s first self-cleaning water bottle and water purification system in one convenient bottle. The proprietary technology activates at the touch of a button, and every two hours, to eliminate harmful bacteria and other bio-contaminants like E. Coli. The bottle also has a filter, so you can have fresh drinking water anywhere you go. Did we mention it keeps water hot for 12 hours and cold for 24 hours?

2. Beast Hydration System ($31)

The Beast Hydration System allows you to change the taste of your water each use depending on what you’re in the mood for or what you have on hand. After infusing your water with your desired ingredients using the infusion chamber, you can take your custom blend on the go.

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3.Waterdrop Starter Set Steel ($43)

This starter set has everything you need to up your hydration game, including a stainless steel bottle with a variety of Waterdrops to test, including Love, Boost, Glow, Youth, Focus and Zen. Not only do the drops make your water taste better, each flavor has a different benefit. On an early morning or before a hike, when I need energy, I turn toward Boost, and when I’m looking to wind down, I lean on Zen.

4.Liquid I.V. The Oasis Bundle $67

You’ve likely heard of Liquid I.V. ‘s best-selling Hydration Multiplier ($25,) which helps your body rehydrate faster when you need it. The Oasis Bundle includes three different products that focus on immune support, digestion and energy, so you have a hydrator for every occasion.

5.Stanley The quencher H2.0 Flowstate Tumbler ($40)

Stanley tumblers have gone viral on social media, with every trendy TikTok star toting one. Grab one to stay hydrated in style and on-trend. This tumbler keeps water hot for seven hours, cold for 11 hours and iced for two days.

6.Sakara Beauty Water Drops (two for $39)

These Beauty Water Drops from Sakara boost collagen, keratin and hydration, making it easy to infuse your drink with your daily dose of minerals. Having an early morning glass can even help reduce puffiness and bloating.

7.Owala FreeSip Water Bottle ($28)

The quirky colorways available are only a portion of the allure behind the Owala FreeSip Water Bottle. The design lets you choose your own adventure. You can hold the bottle upright and sip through the built-in straw or tilt it back and drink through the wide-mouth opening. Push the button to activate the sipping mechanism then lock it in place for a spill-proof on-the-go bottle.

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8.8Greens Daily Real Greens Effervescent Tablets ($34)

Get your daily greens without the tough taste that often comes with them. These tablets come in a handful of flavors—our favorite is Peach Tea—and they’re packed with eight real greens, including spinach, kale, aloe vera, wheatgrass, blue-green algae, barley grass and spirulina. Just one tablet is equivalent to the vitamin C in six oranges, vitamin B6 in six cups of spinach, vitamin B5 in 15 cups of broccoli and vitamin B12 in seven cups of milk.

9.Ember Travel Mug 2

If you’re into hot water with lemon in the morning, this Ember Travel Mug is a must. It’s the first ever temperature-controlled mug, letting you set your exact desired temperature and keep it there for up to three hours.

10.Recess 15-Count Stick Pack Sampler ($30)

This three-in-one mix features magnesium, adaptogens and electrolytes to help calm the mind and lift the mood at once. This calming sampler pack lets you try the Gradient Berry, Lemon Citrus and Unflavored Powder.

11.Healthish WB-1 Bottle ($30)

Healthish knows that health goals can be lofty and seem unachievable, so they encourage you to start small by drinking enough water each day. The water bottle tells you how much water you should be drinking throughout the day to help you stay on target.



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