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11 Things Our Team Loved on the Internet in December

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As we near the end of 2022, today we’re taking a look back at some of the things our team loved on the internet this month.

Below you’ll find a very pink studio apartment tour, a reminder about the profound power of thank-you notes, forty easy winter meal ideas, and more. We’re also sharing the most-read articles and the best-selling products on Wit & Delight throughout the month of December. We hope you find something (or many things) to enjoy on this list.

Thank you x a million for reading our content on Wit & Delight, this month and all year long. We’re oh so grateful you’re here.

11 Things We Loved on the Internet in December

1. The owner of this studio apartment decided to paint everything pink—ceilings, pipes, and kitchen cabinets included. The result is a beautiful sight to behold.

2. Kate made (and loved) a dish inspired by this recipe: cold noodles with chile oil and citrusy cabbage. YUM.

3. Pantone announced their very vibrant 2023 color of the year this month. This is how five designers would decorate with it.

4. I received this design book by Luke Edward Hall as a gift earlier this month and have been poring over all of its pages since. It’s an incredible source of design inspiration and the large size of the book makes it even more enjoyable to peruse each colorful image.

5. The surprisingly profound power of writing a simple end-of-year thank-you note.

6. Ten impressive before and after renovations from 2022.

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7. If you’re in a cooking rut, here are forty easy winter meal ideas to try.

8. One writer shares her technology plan for 2023: live life in “Do Not Disturb” mode.

9. The design of this stunning Cotswold farmhouse includes colors and patterns in a way that’s lively yet serene.

10. Kate shared this article all about the power of listening to new music.

11. Alex Mill has become my personal favorite brand of the year. Their classic products are high-quality and include small, unique design touches that set them apart from the rest. This red and white striped tee is my most recent purchase!


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