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12 Cute Cat Trees That Won’t be an Eyesore

12 Cute Cat Trees
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Unfortunately, most cat trees don’t scream chic – they scream eyesore in the middle of your nicely curated living room. Any cat owner can tell you, though, that a cat tree is almost a necessity, perfect for keeping your favorite feline occupied and preventing them from leaving claw marks all over your furniture. Lucky for both you and your furniture, there are some cat condos out there that you won’t actually mind having in your home.

While these beautiful pieces of cat-chitecture (we couldn’t help ourselves) will cost you more than a regular ol’ cat tree, they are modern and fashionable and a far cry from the fur-and-carpet-covered monstrosities you probably picture when you hear “cat tree.” You and your kitty can thank us later.

1. A Modern Cat Tree: Frisco 28.5″ Modern Cat Tree

Small and compact, this Frisco 28.5″ Modern Cat Tree ($58) can be placed in any unused corner of the house. The tree comes with three scratching posts wrapped in sisal rope (which is made to feel like bark), a cozy condo for privacy, and a perch so they can see what’s going on around the house.

2. A Boho Cat Tree: Archie & Oscar 23″ Deborah Cat Tree

Perfect for small cats, this Archie & Oscar 23″ Deborah Cat Tree ($100, originally $120) features a bowl lounge, a plush fleece pillow, and dual sisal posts that both you and your cat will love. Not to mention the bowl-shaped lounge makes a great sleeping spot for your furry friend.

3. A Tree-Like Cat Tree: Wooden Cat Condo

Sleek, modern, and minimalist, this Wooden Cat Condo ($279) is suitable for any home. Your cat will love the basket that rests on top of its perches and you’ll love that its basket can be removed and washed.

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4. A Real-Looking Cat Tree: Cat Tree With Leaves

Pet and plant parents will adore this innovative Cat Tree With Leaves ($109, originally $155). Designed for cats up to 32 pounds in weight, this cat tree takes less than 15 minutes to assemble.

5. A Condo Cat Tree: Cat Tree Tower

Notice the gorgeous wood that makes up this striking Cat Tree Tower ($208, originally $260). The condo-like tree features step-like platforms so that your cat can get to the top easily.

6. A Tall Cat Tree: Adjustable Scratching Climbing Tree

Put this Adjustable Scratching Climbing Tree ($95) in the corner of the room and watch as people admire its sleek design. The tree features three tiers of activity for your cat and offers platforms where they can play and rest.

7. A Baby Blue Cat Tree: Armarkat 38″ Faux Fleece Cat Tree

With baby blue hues, what’s not to love about this Armarkat 38″ Faux Fleece Cat Tree ($76, originally $125)? The tree features three tiers with tunnels for your cats to rest on.

8. A Lavish Cat Tree: Modern Wood Cat Tree

Felines will have a field day every day when they have this fun and cute Modern Wood Cat Tree ($136, originally $220) to play on. The tree features three scratching posts on the bottom floor for furry friends to sharpen their nails on.

9. A Woven Cat Tree: PetPals 29″ Cat Condo

The modern-looking PetPals 29″ Cat Condo ($120) is made with natural recyclable paper rope, making it both functional and funky. Not to mention its teasable feather toy will keep your cat occupied for hours on end.

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10. A Modern Cat Tree: PawHut 47″ Modern Cat Tree

The PawHut 47″ Modern Cat Tree ($130) offers a cube cave enclosure, multilevel platforms, hanging ball toys, sisal rope scratching posts, and a totally modern design — what more could you or your cat want?

11. A Boho-Chic Cat Tree: PetPals 49″ Cat Condo

Between the dual scratching posts and feather-teasing toys, your cat will be kept amused by the PetPals 49″ Cat Condo ($160, originally $170) for hours — and you definitely won’t mind looking at it, either. The tree is simple and easy to install.

12. An Elegant Tree: Vesper V-High Base 48″ Cat Tree

With its cube cave, two platforms, and soft memory-foam cushions, your cats will love hiding in this Vesper V-High Base 48″ Cat Tree ($169, originally $179), which you won’t be tempted to hide in a closet. Place it in your living room or wherever your cat hangs out the most — perhaps an office if you want some company.


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