Friday Dec 08, 2023

Is it a cold? The flu? Or COVID? How to tell sniffles and chills apart this holiday season

The common cold made an early appearance this summer with an unprecedented uptick of respiratory viruses. Since then, health care providers say cases haven’t slowed down. “You should never underestimate the repertoire and timing of viruses because they’re always around,” said Dr. Len Horovitz, internist and pulmonary specialist at Lenox Hill Hospital in New York City. […]

With Its Hand-Picked Wildcrafted Ingredients, Alpyn Beauty Is Breaking Barriers In Natural Beauty

Kendra Kolb Butler really gets her hands dirty—literally. While many beauty brand founders will wile away the afternoon swatching lipsticks or brainstorming packaging, Butler is in the wild forests of Wyoming hand-picking ingredients for her brand Alpyn Beauty. “I’m in the field two to three days a week, from July through early September when we get […]

Four ‘Don’ts’ For Selling Technology To Small Manufacturers

Unfortunately, the new year has not wiped the supply chain slate clean. Sweeping disruptions, shortages, and supply issues will likely plague manufacturing for much of 2022. In response, one of the biggest names in technology—Microsoft —is offering up several cloud-based solutions. There’s some merit to Microsoft’s plan to modernize the supply chain by more broadly understanding the […]

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