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6 Hair Color Trends Experts Don’t Want to See in 2023

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With a new year comes exciting new trends and the fading of previous trends that have run their course. Expert colorists shared some trends they’d rather not see make their way into 2023, and the overall theme was consistent. Creative director of nuBest Salon & Spa, Jamie Mazzei, says this year we’re moving away from full-time hair commitments and shifting towards colors that are easier to maintain both in salon and at home.

Clients are seeking more natural-looking colors that are “a true extension of who they are, and honestly, they don’t have the time to sit at the salon for hours every six weeks for touch-ups,” says Massei. These are the hair color trends you can count on seeing less of in 2023.

1. Ombre

The queen of color, celebrity colorist and founder of the eponymous salon, Rita Hazan, declares that ombre is out. Dark roots with light ends are being replaced with more natural-looking colors, she explains. “It’s more sophisticated and softer, which is better for every age group.”

2. Vivid shades

Prepare to see more muted shades this season. “In general, we are seeing super bright vivid shades move out to make way for more subtle nuanced shades, like pastels and dusty roses and violets,” says Shvonne Perkins, lead educator at Madison Reed.

“I think that clients are wanting softer shades that allow more freedom when it comes to changing up the color palette for wardrobe and makeup,” says Perkins. While non-natural shades will always be a component of hair trends, Perkins says right now, we’re going to see “more diffused versions of these that wear a bit softer next to skin.”

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3. Fine, tiny highlights

“Gone are the full heads of back-to-back foil highlights,” predicts Mazzei. Hazan says people have come to realize that doing a single process, one color all over, is a healthier option for their hair. “If you lighten your base color one to two shades, you still get the lightness without the damage,” she explains.

To make a single process color even easier Mazzei suggests a product that helps clients maintain their gloss at home like Celeb Luxury Gem Lites ColorWash Color Depositing Shampoo ($35) and Celeb Luxury Gem Lites Colorditioner Color Depositing Conditioner with BondFix Bond Repair ($35).

4. All-over bleached hair

Say goodbye to bleached blonde hair and the maintenance that comes with it, says Mazzei. He explains that clients have largely moved on from the damaging high-maintenance look in favor of more natural, easier-to-maintain hues.

5. High contrast

The higher the contrast, the quicker it grows out and the faster it doesn’t look good, says celebrity colorist Tania Whittier. She points to people with really curly hair who want it completely straight or those with naturally dark hair seeking a bright blonde and vice versa.

6. Chunky highlights

Although chunky highlights had their heyday, we’re glad to report the trend is likely not coming back anytime soon. Mazzei says clients are rarely asking for chunky highlights that are in stark contrast to their base color these days.

Perkins agrees, with the only exception being the money piece. “I think thicker, chunkier highlights are probably gone for the foreseeable future,” says Perkins. “This look has been a bit contrived, and it’s more upkeep than most of us are looking for.” For those looking to make a bold statement, Perkins says it’s “happening throughout the mid-lengths and ends with ombre and balayage approaches, but not coming directly from the root.”

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