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8 best sunrise alarm clocks to help you wake up naturally this winter

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It’s official – darker evenings and mornings are here. Springing out of bed in summer felt easy but when it’s pouring with rain and practically arctic temperatures outside of your duvet, it certainly doesn’t. Enter stage right, our edit of the best sunrise alarm clocks: a clock designed to ease you into your day, the natural way.

You may have seen these futuristic-looking clocks swirling around the Internet and wondered what on earth they are, but don’t worry – we’ve got the full lowdown on how they could transform your mornings for the better (more on that below).

If you’re getting your Christmas gifts sorted already, we’ve got you. From Christmas beauty gift sets(opens in new tab), to the best fitness trackers(opens in new tab) tested by team MC, we’ll be highlighting all of our go-to gifts over the coming months. As a Health Editor, one of my picks is a sunrise alarm clock – a great gift option for your marathon running or health-conscious family member or friend. They’re a mid-range price point, and will boost their mood all winter long, too – win, win.

Keep scrolling for our roundup of team MC‘s favourite sunrise alarm clocks, whether you’re looking for a high tech option or one that will blend in seamlessly on your bedside table. We’re all about getting a good night’s sleep, so we’ve also rounded up the best silk pillowcases(opens in new tab) to step up your beauty slumber.


Well, they work by mimicking sunrise, emitting a soft light that becomes brighter over a set period. Research has found waking up to sunrise can positively affect both your brain and circadian rhythms.

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Plus, it eases you into the day, leaving you feeling more refreshed and alert. How? The natural light encourages your body to begin producing serotonin, which will instantly boost your mood, and to stop producing melatonin (also known as the sleep hormone(opens in new tab)).

If you struggle with SAD (that’s seasonal affective disorder(opens in new tab), FYI) these alarm clocks could also help. According to the NHS(opens in new tab), SAD is often linked to reduced exposure to sunlight during the shorter autumn and winter days. Not only will the natural light from your alarm clock stimulate lighter mornings, but you can keep it lit throughout the day to help get you through the dark winter months.

One of our favourite benefits? Using a sunrise alarm clock means we don’t find ourselves scrolling through social media the second we wake up.


They might be more of an investment, but a sunrise alarm clock can be a form of mental health help(opens in new tab) by getting your morning off to a gentler start.b

Not all sunrise alarm clocks have to be expensive, either. If you don’t want all the extra add-ons, such as soothing meditations(opens in new tab) or multiple light settings, you can find some amazing options at incredible prices.

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