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Beauty Tips Based On Your Zodiac Signs

Beauty Tips Based On Your Zodiac Signs
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Your Zodiac sign is a fascinating topic used to tell tales of the stars, and it is also beneficial for helping you understand yourself.
Your zodiac sign affects many things, including your career, your sleeping routine, and even your relationships.
This is because your zodiac sign influences your likes and dislikes and behavior. Unsurprisingly, your zodiac sign also determines what kind of beauty regime you should adopt. From zodiac sign skincare to what makeup your should wear based on your zodiac sign, to self-care beauty according to your zodiac sign.
I don’t have a crystal ball, but it is pretty much written in the stars that these ideas will catch your fancy. So what are you waiting for? Check out this fun list of beauty tips based on your astrological sign.

Aries: Your Favorite Fragrance
Reviving and stimulating, the fragrance of a bold, spicy and intense scent is sure to get you fired up. Warm, woody and earthy scents will also make you feel strong enough to conquer anything. Light floral or fruity fragrances are great for a natural look, and sweet clean scents will help balance out your fiery personality.

Taurus: Your Signature Makeup Look
When it comes to makeup, you are all about enhancing your natural beauty and taking care of yourself. Your signature makeup look is all about highlighting what you already have – gorgeous eyes, full lips, and rosy cheeks.

  • For the eyes, use a soft matte brown shadow on the inner corners and crease of your eyelids. Next, apply a light gold shimmery shadow along your entire upper lash line for a pop of color and highlight underneath with a shimmery white or champagne-colored cream highlighter. Finish off with black liner on top lashes only for added drama.
  • Focus on the lips by applying nude lipstick that has pink undertones. It will complement the slight flush from cheek application.
  • For your cheeks, apply peach blush in circular motions until blended into flesh tone. Then, blend it outwards towards the temples, with no harsh edges around the cheekbones or the jawline.
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Gemini: Your Lipstick Shade
If you are a Gemini, your lipstick shade should be a shade of pink or red. You are energetic and creative as an air sign and the third sign of the Zodiac. You have a social butterfly personality and love to be in the spotlight. You are great at communicating with people.

Cancer: Your Color Palette
Cancers are natural-born artists who are intuitive, creative, and tend to be highly sensitive.
Cancer is ruled by the Moon, which means your color palette should be soft, sweet, and alluring. Avoid colors like black or navy, as these colors can make your skin look dull and unappealing. Instead, opt for pale pink or blush tones that enhance the natural glow of your water sign.

Leo: Your Signature Hairstyle
Leos are known for their flamboyant hairstyles and usually wear long hair with volume. The most common Leo hairstyle is a blunt cut with some length on top, which can be styled straight or curled. You can also wear your hair in a ponytail pulled through the back of your head to create a half-ponytail style.

Virgo: Your Go-To Skincare Routine
As an earth sign, Virgos should stick to a great skincare routine. Whether a skincare routine for a beginner or if you are a pro, skin care is in the cards for you!

  • Cleanse your face using the double cleanse method. Cleaning your face first with an oil-based product and then followed by a water-based cleanser
  • Use a toner after washing. That will help eliminate any remaining makeup or pollutants on the surface of your skin.
  • Moisturize right after you’ve used toner. That will lock in hydration for more extended periods.
  • Depuff and brighten the eye area with a hydrating eye cream
  • Serums are great for adding nourishment directly to the skin without adding too much moisture at once. And do not forget to use a face mask a few times a month.

Libra: Your Favorite Spa Treatments
Libra is known for its love of beauty treatments. While they enjoy getting manicures and pedicures, they also have a passion for high-maintenance massages, facials, and spa retreats.
Libras can find relaxation by listening to music that calms them down or reading a book that takes their mind off the stressors in life. It is no surprise that massage therapy has become such a popular hobby for Libras. They also like to regularly practice relaxation techniques after a long day, like meditation or yoga.

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Scorpio: Your Shower Playlist
Music can enhance any activity, whether your morning routine is to make coffee, read the news, or do some deep breathing while you meditate.
It does not have to be a song that motivates you to get up and start your day. A slower tune might work better for Scorpio’s morning routine, such as Joni Mitchell’s “Both Sides Now” or The Beatles’ “Norwegian Wood.”
Try some upbeat tunes when it comes to makeup and hair styling. You could even make a playlist just for this purpose. Songs like Bruno Mars’ “24K Magic” or Rihanna’s “Work” will work wonders. However, if you prefer something slower, listen to John Mayer’s “New Light” instead.
Other zodiacs might not agree with the Scorpio playlist, especially Capricorns. The Capricorn and Scorpio chemistry has never been that great regarding romantic relationships. Be it a lack of emotions, communication commitment, or loyalty, these two lack the compatibility you would expect from a destined-to-be couple.

Sagittarius: Your Favorite Beauty Tools
Sagittariuses are known to be free spirits, and they enjoy trying new things. They are also very practical, so there is no need to spend a fortune on your beauty tools.
When it comes to beauty tools, they prefer something that will help get the job done right. Thus, when picking skincare devices or makeup brushes, do your research before buying them. Take your time with each one you pick up so that you can understand whether or not you are comfortable with them.

Capricorn: Your Go-To Nail Polish Color
Black is a classic color that is always in style, and it is also easy to match with any outfit, making it a perfect go-to nail polish color for Capricorns. Black nails look great on short, long, natural, and acrylic nails.

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Aquarius: Your Favorite Beauty Rituals and Products
As an Aquarius, you are a gentle person who does not like to be pushed into things. This also means that when it comes to beauty, you may not have a lot of rituals or products. So for the perfect skincare routine, you like to keep things simple, quick, and efficient but still want them to be effective, so make sure to pick up some multi-tasking products.

Pisces: Use Pastel Colors to Calm Yourself Down
Pisces are very sensitive and emotional people who, as the fish in their name implies, often find themselves swimming in a sea of gray thoughts. This can make them prone to depression and anxiety. Hence, these traits demand a way to calm down for your care routine to be effective.
Try using pastel colors in your room or clothing; makeup is a great way to do that. Pastels are soft on the eyes and lips and look great when paired with other natural textures like linen or silk.
Everything is written in the stars, and learning how your beauty routine relates to your zodiac sign is fun. Even if you do not believe in astrology, it can be an exciting way to plan your next look or find things that will help you feel more confident about yourself.


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