Thursday Sep 28, 2023

How To Play The Pornhub Intro On Drums

You’ve probably wondered how to re-create the captivating rhythms of the Pornhub intro on drums, and in this article, we’ll show you how. It’s a popular choice for drum covers and we’ll walk you through the steps step-by-step process We’ll show you how to choose the right drum kit, master the techniques, and add your […]

Amazon launches free video streaming service in India

Amazon has long maintained that its video streaming service, Prime Video, helps drive more sales on the shopping app. Now the e-commerce giant is testing what happens when it brings a video streaming service directly to the shopping app. The e-commerce giant, which launched an ad-supported streaming service (IMDb TV) in the U.S. two years […]

What’s New on Prime Video in September 2022

Amazon has spent years chasing the major water cooler hit that would justify the existence of Prime Video, and yet despite some strong showings (The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, The Boys, The Wheel of Time), it has never managed to launch its own pop culture-dominating Stranger Things-level hit. When does Lord of the Rings: The Rings […]

“Game of Thrones” Tattoos That Will Last Longer Than Littlefinger

If you’ve been stuck trying to figure out what to do with yourself since “Game of Thrones” ended, we’ve come up with the perfect solution: get a tattoo! Though you’re probably as excited for “House of the Dragon”‘s premiere in a few weeks (and probably coordinating your watch parties as you read this), there’s just […]

Halloween Running Costumes Are an Art – These 13 Ideas Prove It

Halloween is an undeniably festive season. From the ghastly costumes and the hauntingly sweet treats to the terrifying slasher movies and ghoulish home decor, this time of year is perfect for all things spooky and offbeat. Why not embrace the general eerie mood of October and break a sweat while in costume? Whether you’re just […]

20 of the Best Gory Horror Movies to Watch on Netflix

If your idea of a horror movie is a tense, psychological thriller, then we suggest you stop reading, because we’re here to discuss the scariest, goriest, most in-your-face horror movies currently streaming on Netflix. From blood-soaked slashers to horror anthology movies that might scar you for life, we combed through all the scary movies Netflix […]

22 Best Apps for Kids, According to Parents and Kids Alike

It can be challenging to keep kids appropriately occupied sometimes, especially when school is out. Today’s kids are spending a good chunk of their days on tablets, phones and other electronic devices and finding apps that provide kid-friendly, developmental content in bite-sizes pieces can be difficult. The technology and parenting experts at the Good Housekeeping Institute know very well just how dizzying it can […]

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