Sunday Mar 26, 2023

Best period tracking apps: 8 that’ll make your next monthly bleed a breeze, according to a Health Editor

If you struggle with heavy periods(opens in new tab) or irregular menstrual cycle phases(opens in new tab), you might have thought about downloading one of the best period apps. So, could they help you? Short answer: it’ll depend on your body, cycle, and preferences. Consultant gynecologist Doctor Karen Morton likes them personally and reckons they’re a simple way […]

How to Increase Breast Size With Exercise?

Many factors determine the size and shape of your breasts, which might influence your feminine physique to some extent. Breasts change shape and size throughout your life, unlike other body parts that stop growing after reaching a specific size. Today, most women opt for breast augmentation or implant surgery to increase breast size as desired. […]


Sailing into the New Year with the goal of getting in shape is exciting. Getting in shape has tons of benefits! You’ll build muscle, lose fat, boost your metabolism, sleep better, think better, have more energy, and feel more confident once you start to see and feel results. And it doesn’t take that long to […]

10 best sex toys for beginners, including vibrators and dildos

If you’re searching the Internet for the best sex toys for beginners, first things first – welcome to your journey of sexual exploration (we reckon you’re going to have a great time). You can aimlessly scroll our edits of the best sex toys(opens in new tab), period, best dildos or best vibrators, or, if you’re new to the world […]

High Cholesterol Levels – A Guide from Expert

The AHA advises getting your cholesterol checked if you are over 20 so that you can determine your levels and take the necessary steps. If cholesterol is high, your doctor may recommend further diagnosis. High cholesterol level is often hereditary since it runs in families. On the other hand, other lifestyle factors, including diet, exercise, and weight, […]

Is Your Diet Soda Safe for Diabetes? Let’s Find Out

People’s quest for beverages like soda, energy drinks, diet soda, sweetened or unsweetened fruit juice, and cold drinks increases during the summer season. Consequently, the search for healthy beverages and the pros and cons of having any favourite drink increases. Because of rising health concerns, diet soda is becoming a popular beverage among people. This […]

Thyroid Diet Chart – Foods to Eat, Foods to Avoid

Your general health and well-being are directly impacted by what you consume more frequently. However, practically, one begins a journey toward health until a challenge shows up in life. For example, we all have heard about thyroid problems, typically starting among 12 years and older. However, there is always time to protect yourself from this […]

Can Diabetics Eat Fruit? Discovering the Truth

Most diabetics are wary of eating fruits regularly, which is understandable since most fruits taste sweet. However, this is a misconception. All varieties of fruits can be a healthy part of a balanced diet, irrespective of the diabetes type. Although fruits are higher in natural sugars than vegetables, they also offer essential dietary fibre, vitamins, […]

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