Friday Sep 22, 2023

Amazon launches free video streaming service in India

Amazon has long maintained that its video streaming service, Prime Video, helps drive more sales on the shopping app. Now the e-commerce giant is testing what happens when it brings a video streaming service directly to the shopping app. The e-commerce giant, which launched an ad-supported streaming service (IMDb TV) in the U.S. two years […]

Breaking New Ground: The Israeli 64M Seriesorbachctech

The Israeli 64M Seriesorbachctech is an innovative new technology that has the potential to revolutionize the way we use and view renewable energy. This technology is in the process of breaking new ground, as it promises to provide a cost-effective and efficient way to access and utilize renewable energy sources. The Israeli 64M Seriesorbachctech combines […]

Farewell Queen Elizabeth II: A lifetime of duty and love

As we mourn the death of Queen Elizabeth II – the longest-serving monarch in British history – we reflect on her legacy and what we, her subjects, taught her about putting on a brave face Had the Queen remained in control of matters, her life would have turned out very differently to the one she […]

The Airline Passenger Rights Everyone Should Know

While airline travel is often frustrating, you don’t have to resign yourself to a completely miserable experience. As a passenger, you have certain rights set out by the U.S. Department of Transportation in the event of delays, cancellations and other unexpected situations. Here’s what you’re entitled to when you fly. You’re entitled to compensation for being bumped Airlines commonly […]

8 Intimate hygiene essentials for women: Make your life easier

Want to buy intimate hygiene essentials for women online? Check out this list of some of the most trusted choices that are worth your money for basic and menstrual hygiene needs. Maintaining hygiene should be an essential part of the daily routine for everyone. And, when it is about intimate hygiene, the importance increases irrespective […]

Postpartum Depression

As many as 50 to 75% of new mothers experience a shift in their emotions called the “baby blues” after delivery. Up to 15% of these women will develop a more severe and longer-lasting depression, called postpartum depression, after delivery. Women with postpartum depression may experience emotional highs and lows, frequent crying, fatigue, guilt, anxiety […]

Canada Overcomes Team USA For Olympic Gold in Women’s Ice Hockey

Canada has won gold after a dominant women’s ice hockey tournament at the 2022 Olympics in Beijing. The Canadians beat Team USA 3-2 to claim their fifth Olympic gold in women’s hockey, closing out a historic tournament that saw them enter the gold-medal match with an Olympic-record 54 goals. In the end, it was their […]

Betty Davis, Sidney Poitier, and Bob Saget Are Among the Stars Who Died in 2022

We’re paying our respects to the several stars – prolific musicians, actors, comedians, cultural icons – who died in 2022. On the heels of Golden Girls star Betty White’s death on New Year’s Eve at age 99, Sidney Poitier – the first Black actor to win best actor at the Oscars – died at age […]

Archives Found Possible Classified Material in Boxes Returned by Trump

The National Archives and Records Administration discovered what it believed was classified information in documents Donald J. Trump had taken with him from the White House as he left office, according to a person briefed on the matter. The discovery, which occurred after Mr. Trump returned 15 boxes of documents to the government last month, prompted the […]

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