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Do Law Firms Require SEO?

Law firms, like any other business, need SEO to increase their visibility and reach more prospective clients. Attorneys provide essential services to clients who need legal counsel. They are also in high demand which means boosting digital marketing with law firm SEO can go a long way in generating leads and traffic for your site.

Why Is SEO Essential For Law Firms?

Search Engine Optimization is a strategy through which law firms can increase their reach by growing organic traffic. Many potential clients seeking legal representation or answers to legal problems, turn to Google and other search engines for answers. Using law firm SEO can help you gain the visibility you need by ranking your pages highly on the search results page.

In 2017, AccuRanker ranked the legal niche as one of the most competitive in SEO as law firms typically have more barriers in generating traffic to their websites. With more law firms incorporating SEO, attorneys can no longer rely on just word of mouth.

Search engines such as Google, use complex algorithms to rank pages on the search results page. To get your website ranked highly, your website must keep up with the ever-changing requirements of search engines. In addition, your website must provide value to users by giving them accurate, relevant, and updated information.

Using SEO To Generate Leads for Law Firms

Most law firms will typically serve clients within their local geographical region. This can be within the city, county, or state. Choosing the right SEO strategies can help you reach clients within your area. Local SEO can also help eliminate the noise by reducing competition and targeting users within a specific geographical location.

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It also gives your law firm a better chance at ranking for personalized keywords targeting common claims within a specific geographical region.

How Does SEO for Law Firms Work?

When looking for legal representation, a user’s first stop is a search engine such as Google or Bing to find local law firms. They might use keywords to search for an attorney who offers a specific service.

Law firms can also use these keywords to optimize their websites and incentivize search engine algorithms to rank them higher on the search results page. The result is higher visibility and more engagement with potential clients.

One key point to remember is that with search engines, the higher your website is ranked, the more likely users are likely to click and read through your website to find out about your services. This gives your law firm a higher chance of getting new clients through inquiries and engagement.

In contrast, the lower your law firm’s website ranks, the more difficult it is to get clients. Advanced Web Rankings estimates that up to 67% of all clicks go to the first five results on the search engine results page with 54% of user clicks going to the first three results.

SEO Strategy for Law Firms

Planning a winning SEO strategy for your law firm will not only help push you to the first page of the search results page, but it also gives you long-term results meaning you will be reaping its benefits long after you put it in place.

Some strategies to push you in the right direction include:

1. Keywords

Google and other search engines deliver information based on user queries. Targeting the right keywords makes your website more visible to the search engine bots giving you a better chance of ranking among the top results.

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Common keywords such as ‘lawyer”, “attorney”, and “law firm” should be a part of your strategy. However, keep in mind that these are general keywords that could yield millions of search results which lowers your law firm’s visibility.

Localize your keywords to include your geographical location, area of expertise, and legal questions. For instance, “personal injury lawyer in Pasadena, LA” can refine a user’s search improving your visibility.

Consider using keyword research tools to come up with more keywords that improve your ranking and visibility on the search results page.

2. Content

Frequently updating your content with useful information and keeping up with changes in legislation can make your website more valuable to users. Search engine bots prefer websites with regularly evaluated content that is relevant and accurate.

Using accurate and valuable content keeps your website ranking well because it creates trust, and brand recognition, and builds authority. A blog is a reliable way to provide useful content.

Consider using blog articles that offer answers to common questions in your areas of expertise, inform users, and give information about your law firm.

3. Links

Links are a critical part of law firm SEO. Your website must have:

  • Internal links: These are links that direct users to other blogs or articles on your website that offer similar information or more detailed information on a particular subject. This offers users more comprehensive information and keeps them on your website longer increasing the chances of engagement and conversion.
  • External links: These direct users to authority websites that could be useful in their search.
  • Backlinks: These are third-party links that bring users to your website as a trusted authority. It is important to note that in order to get backlinks, your website must produce high-quality content that is valued by other professionals in the same field.
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4. List Your Website in Online Directories

Google considers business directories as high-authority sites and ranks them high on the search results page. Appearing in the right directories within your local areas increases visibility.

Consider using a Google My Business profile complete with a map and regularly updated information to boost local visibility. All lawyers at the firm should also maintain their profiles on your local Bar Association’s website to boost trust and build authority.


When it comes to business, visibility is key and law firms are no exception. To sustain your law firm, your clients must be able to find you. Law firm SEO helps you increase your visibility on Google and other search engines which is the primary stop for users looking for legal representation. Remember, your law firm’s SEO strategy must be accompanied by a holistic marketing approach.

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