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‘Pokémon Legends: Arceus’: Every Pokémon we’ve found so far in Obsidian Fieldlands

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If you recently started playing “Pokémon Legends: Arceus,” you’ll probably already know that the Hisui region is divided into a variety of different areas, each of which has been designed to function as a sort of semi-open world. The first location you’ll visit on your odyssey across ancient Sinnoh is the Obsidian Fieldlands, which is conveniently home to some of the series’ most beloved Pokémon.

The thing is, all of these areas are built in such a way that only certain parts of them are accessible the first time you visit them. “Legends: Arceus” makes pretty liberal use of backtracking, meaning that while you might think you’ve already seen every Pokémon in the Obsidian Fieldlands, you’ve really only been privy to a select few. We went into a bit more detail on this in our “Pokémon Legends: Arceus” tips and tricks guide.

Given that Obsidian Fieldlands is the first proper area you’re able to explore in “Pokémon Legends: Arceus,” we thought it would be worthwhile to put together a list of every single Pokémon who lives there.

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Here’s a list of every Pokémon in “Pokémon Legends: Arceus'” Obsidian Fieldlands and where to find them. We’ll also provide information on each species’ disposition, which will directly influence the strategies you’ll need to devise to approach and catch them.

Every Pokémon in Pokémon Legends: Arceus’ Obsidian Fieldlands

These Pokémon are available the first time you visit

Bidoof: The first Pokémon you’ll see, this guy is chilling out right next to the camp. It is very comfortable around humans but will run away if you try and fail to catch it.

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Starly: Gen 4’s beloved bird hangs out in the next open area after Bidoof. It’s a bit of a scaredy-cat and will fly off the second it sees you.

Shinx: Shinx is just past Starly – in fact, all three of these ‘mons are all over this map. Unlike the other two, Shinx will charge at you headfirst and attempt to attack you. Not so cute now, eh?

Buizel: The best place to find Buizel is in Horseshoe Plains – go west from the camp you start at and you’ll see it on the beach. Very aggressive.

Wurmple: Wurmple is pretty much everywhere in the morning. It’s shy, and will run away if you try and fail to catch it.

Eevee: A very rare spawn in the Horseshoe Plains. It ran away from us here, but hit us when we encountered it in a space-time distortion, so who knows what this little lad is up to?

Ponyta: Horseshoe Plains during the day. You can even get a guaranteed shiny Ponyta, which is the only one in the game that doesn’t immediately run away after it spots you.

Alpha Rapidash: Also in the Horseshoe Plains. Steer clear until you’ve got a strong team. Extremely aggressive.

Mime Jr.: Instead of going west from spawn, go west and follow the river. It’s pretty chill.

Mr. Mime: Often hangs out with Mime Jr. Less chill, but it mostly seems to just put up barriers and stuff.

Abra: Abra is also here, although if you don’t sneak up on it, it will teleport away.

Luxray: The same stretch as Abra and Mime Jr. Caution is advised for low-level trainers, because Luxray will attack on sight.

Luxio: The same place as Luxray, with the same disposition.

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Staravia: Same again!

Alpha Snorlax: You guessed it – same again!

Burmy: Burmy can be found by having one of your Pokémon attack a shaking tree. This will automatically start a battle.

Kricketot: Pretty much everywhere. Also available on other maps – not rare in the slightest. Will try to run away if you try and fail to capture it.

Paras: Paras is like Kricketot, although it’s surprisingly aggressive, so make sure to sneak up on it.

Alpha Parasect: Can be found with groups of Paras. Highly aggressive.

Zubat: Zubat is all over the place, but only at nighttime. Weirdly aggressive!

Drifloon: Same here, although Horseshoe Plains is filled to the brim with them. It can attack from quite a distance and will attempt to do so on sight, so be careful around this guy.

Golbat: There is often one Golbat with a group of Zubat. Obviously aggressive.

Geodude: Either attack a rock that’s shaking, or find them along the path up to Kleavor, the Hisuian evolution of Scyther. The former instance instigates a battle, while the latter will only see it make an attempt to attack you. It’s worth noting that Legends: Arceus allows you to obtain trade evolutions without trading, meaning catching a Geodude could net you a Golem down the line.

Pokémon available after you are allowed to cross the bridge

Psyduck: Psyduck can be encountered in the area right before where you first meet Lian. Aggressive if you try to catch it but fail.

Buneary: Can be found in the same area as Psyduck. Timid, will run away if it sees you.

Pokémon available after you defeat Kleavor by quelling its frenzy

Alpha Paras: Strangely, we found an Alpha Paras in the area after Kleavor, even though Alpha Parasect can be found earlier. Aggressive.

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Bibarel: Can be found on most beaches. Usually it’s one Bibarel with a group of Bidoof. Pretty chill for the most part.

Alpha Bibarel: One of the beaches has an Alpha Bibarel, it’s fairly easy to see which one. Less chill, for sure.

Alpha Starly: This was a weird Pokémon we only encountered one time. We’re unsure if it was just in a very remote location or if all Pokémon have a chance of becoming Alpha on top of the static Alphas that are in the same position every time. This one tried to attack us, as all Alphas do.

Pokémon available after you unlock Basculegion and can cross the sea further into the map

Chimchar: On an island that can only be reached by walking to the opposite end of the map from the base camp and swimming further on Basculegion. A shy guy who ran away from us on sight.

Alpha Infernape: In the same place, but caution is absolutely necessary. As in, you should be the one running away.

Drifblim: Also in the same place at nighttime, potentially during the evening too. Aggressive.

Alpha Golbat: There’s one Alpha Golbat flying around the upper level of this island. Also – you guessed it! – it’s aggressive.


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