Friday Sep 29, 2023


Sailing into the New Year with the goal of getting in shape is exciting. Getting in shape has tons of benefits! You’ll build muscle, lose fat, boost your metabolism, sleep better, think better, have more energy, and feel more confident once you start to see and feel results. And it doesn’t take that long to […]

The best resistance bands to level-up your workouts at home or in the gym this year

Resistance bands are the dark horse of the at-home fitness equipment world – and they perfect piece of kit to pack in your gym bag for your return to the studio. While they may appear pretty innocuous, but these figure-transforming oversized elastic bands have the power to make your muscles stand to attention like nothing else. Yep: even more so than your trusty dumbbells or kettlebells. The best […]

The best sports bras for working out (or working from home in) from Nike, Lululemon, M&S and more

It’s January and team GLAMOUR are looking to get back into the swing of things exercise-wise, which means treating ourselves to a whole new workout wardrobe – sports bras included. Don’t be fooled: while we absolutely won’t be throwing ourselves in at the deep end with a scheduled workout every day of the week, we are aware of […]

You Can Do This Whole 10-Minute Chest-and-Triceps Workout Lying Down

You don’t need giant weights, a room full of equipment, or a ton of time to log a quality strength workout. This 10-minute chest-and-triceps workout from NASM-certified personal trainer and Sweat trainer Kelsey Wells is proof. The workout is inspired by her new four-week program, Redefine Fitness: Strength & Mindfulness, which (you guessed it!) blends […]

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