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The Airline Passenger Rights Everyone Should Know

Airline passengers rights
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While airline travel is often frustrating, you don’t have to resign yourself to a completely miserable experience. As a passenger, you have certain rights set out by the U.S. Department of Transportation in the event of delays, cancellations and other unexpected situations. Here’s what you’re entitled to when you fly.

You’re entitled to compensation for being bumped

Airlines commonly oversell their flights so they don’t lose money on no-shows, but this means that there aren’t actually enough spots to go around if everyone who books a ticket and gets a confirmed seat decides to travel.

Airlines are required to ask for volunteers to give up their seats before they start kicking people off. They are not required to compensate volunteers, though you have some bargaining power—airlines don’t want to piss people off by bumping them involuntarily. You may be able to negotiate a free ticket or other travel vouchers, but make sure you ask about any restrictions, like blackout and expiration dates, before agreeing to the terms.

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